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Teach And Grow (T.A.G.)
Youth Checking Accounts

With most sporting and concert venues, as well as all on-line and some brick-and-mortar business purchases requiring a debit card, parents/guardians struggle with the decision of handing over their debit card or account information to their youth for these types of transactions. With this in mind, Access Credit Union is excited to announce our new checking account and debit card specifically designed for youths ages (13 to 18). T.A.G. Youth Checking Account allows youths the freedom to move about and make their own purchasing decisions while also allowing parents and guardians to monitor these transactions.

Here's how it works:

  • The youth along with a parent/guardian would establish a joint membership account with an opening deposit of $100.
  • A savings, checking and debit card will be opened in the youth’s name.*
  • The limits of the debit card will be set at a maximum of $500 for cash and purchases. Lower Limits can be set if the parent/guardian wishes.
  • When the youth turns 18, the limits will be increased to $1,000 cash and $2,000 purchases.
  • Adding your youth’s account to your Access Mobile Banking, will give you the ability to be aware of their spending.

Their Freedom. Your Peace of Mind

  • Real-time notifications – Get notifications through Card Nav and the Mobile APP.
  • Instant Transfers – Send money to your youth anytime, anywhere.
  • Spending History – Use the Access Mobile APP to keep an eye on spending and help set spending guidelines.
  • Flexible controls – With the Card Nav APP, you can choose where your youth can spend.
  • Apple and Android Pay – Download the Access Debit Card to Apple or Android Pay for additional security.
  • Card Control – Parent/guardian has the ability to lock and unlock the debit card.

Contact a Member Services Representative at 215.788.0411 to get your account opened today.

*Upon opening of a T.A.G Account, parent/guardian agree they will not be given a debit card. Parents/guardians are responsible for all transactions made and any negative balances that may occur.
T.A.G Accounts will not be eligible for overdraft or Courtesy Pay.